Monday , July 6 2020


Christian Joshua Ferguson is a local activist who enjoys walking, social media and jigsaw puzzles. He is entertaining and smart, but can also be very greedy and a bit lazy. he also likes to write about plants

How to plant an alpine wheelbarrow

ROCK wheelbarrow! I should say that more often (although maybe not at social events – people are surprisingly bored with my wheelbarrow-based small talk). But when it comes to gardening for kids, they're pretty much the perfect container. Over the years I have created various edible gardens in old wheelbarrows …

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How to prevent and control Armillaria root rot in apricots

Armillaria mellea The mushroom Armillaria can attack all fruit trees, including apricots. Although fumigation is sometimes recommended, this usually does not work. This fungus is unusually resistant to fungicides. In addition, the organism often lurks in pieces of old infected trees or in roots in the ground where fungicides cannot …

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Vegetable Garden Fertilizer 101: How Much Should You Add?

New gardeners and even some seasoned gardeners add far more vegetable garden fertilizer than their plants need. In many cases where plants have problems, fertilizer is not the problem. but sometimes garden fertilizers is the problem – too much of it. How much fertilizer to add to your vegetable garden …

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Tomato variety selection – gardening in LA

So many tomato varieties to choose from, online, mail order catalogs and local resources! Even in large stores, there are some organic varieties and heirlooms! I asked several tomato experts who worked with me at two local Tomatomania events which of their favorites were that they would grow again this …

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Still cool and wet spring – YAY!

Boy, more rain and not just drizzle, but also a few centimeters here in my Pasadena garden, a total of 32 centimeters! And the plants love it, all green and cheeky and their hearts bloom! Hardly at night until the mid-50s and during the day not even until the 80s …

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