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How to grow and care for calla lilies

There are two main types of lilies to grow: oriental lily and Asiatic lily. Oriental lilies usually have large, fragrant pink flowers. They thrive in acidic soils and should therefore be grown in containers with ericaceous compost. Asiatic lilies have a greater variety of colors including yellow, orange, red and ...

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Growing and caring for Adenium

In a very bright, warm environment such as a greenhouse, Adenium can remain active during the winter months. If you bring your plant indoors for the winter, it will probably stay in a semi-dormant state until spring. During this time, just keep it in a warm room with bright, indirect ...

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Growing and caring for calibrachoa

The plant is not hard to care for, but paying attention to its needs will keep it blooming from spring well into fall. While it can be planted in garden beds, the plant fares much better in containers. This is considered a “self-cleaning” plant, meaning it doesn’t need to be ...

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Growing and caring for dahlia

Dahlias grow quickly, producing bushy plants and flowering in the first season. Water dahlias Water regularly and try to keep your foliage dry. Avoid overwatering, as moist soil can lead to rotting tubers. We recommend less frequent, but deep watering. It is best to let the soil dry out between ...

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