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Tomato variety selection – gardening in LA

So many tomato varieties to choose from, online, mail order catalogs and local resources! Even in large stores, there are some organic varieties and heirlooms!
I asked several tomato experts who worked with me at two local Tomatomania events which of their favorites were that they would grow again this year and which new ones they would try for the first time. Here are their lists, so maybe you can try some of them!

“Best tomato flavor” is relative
Everyone will have what they think is their favorite tomato, or at least what they want to remember from their childhood or just last year. But like restaurants, movies, and other life’s preferences, your friend’s favorites may taste horrible or at least boring to you, making you wonder why they bothered to grow them at all. This magical balance between sweet and sour determines each of our “best”.

The lists
Steve Gerischer it grows every year in Glassell Park: Cherokee Purple, Lizzano (for containers), Genuwine, Juliet (for sauce), San Marzano (for sauce) and Sungold. New this year he will try Piglet Willys French Black (the name fascinates him) and Viagra (everything with this name must be tried …).
Laura Moore loves them in their coastal garden: black and brown boars, carmelo, jaune fuzz, old yellow candy strips, orange paruche, sun sugar, sweet tangerine. This year she will try Brandywine Joyce & # 39; s Strain, Clementine, Harless Creek Gold, Katana, Mirabelle Blanche, Oh Happy Day and Viagra.
Andy Vaughn Annual favorites in his South Bay garden include Black Cherry, Black Crimea, Brandy Boy and Copper River. This year he will try Tesses Land Race and Thunder Mountain.
Scott DaigreMr. Tomatomania himself will grow them in Ojai this year: Carbon, Julia, Lucid Gem, Russian Queen, Summer of Love and Thunder Mountain.
My summer garden In Pasadena there is always Ace, Big Rainbow, Black Crimea, Brandywine, Carmelo, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Odoriko, Stupice and Sungold.
I have tried many varieties over the years. I usually breed them for three years to make sure that I either like them consistently or that they don’t do as well as my other favorites: Amazon Chocolate, Anana Noir, Arkansas Traveler, Tante Ginnys Purple, Tante Rubys German Green, Beefsteak, Better Boy, Black Pear, Black Prince, Black Zebra, Brandywine, Brandywine Red, Champion, Costoluto Fiorentino, Costoluto Genovese, Dona, Early Girl, Gardening Delight, German Giant, Giant Belgium, Gold Nugget, Green Grape, Hawaiian Pineapple, Health Kick, Heartland, Hillbilly, Isis Candy, Italian Candy, Japanese Ox Heart, Jetsetter, Anniversary, Lemon Boy, Mammoth German Gold, Marizol Purple, Marmande, Matt’s Wild Currant, Momotaro, Mr. Stripey, Nyagous, Old German, Ox Heart, Paul Robeson, Pineapple, Principe Borghese, Prudens Purple, Rainbow, Red Current, Red Pear, Giant Grape, Rutgers, Siletz, Sugar Snack, Summer Cider Apricot, Sun Sugar r, tommy toe, yellow currant and yellow pear.

Tips for planting tomatoes
Please read my blog with planting tips from March 7th, 2017!

Tomatomania events remaining in Southern California
March 31 and April 1 – Otto and Sons Nursery, Fillmore
April 1 – Ojai Valley School, Ojai
April 5 and 6 – Surfas Culinary District, Culver City
April 8 – Santa Barbara – location to be determined.
More information is available at

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