Monday , July 6 2020

Sonnenblumengasse, blogging absences and the Habsburg Empire

Sunflower Alley 002
Did you miss me?

Didn’t think.

In fact, I’ve found that it doesn’t make much difference to my website traffic whether I write or not. All the evidence suggests that 90% of the visits come from people who are sinking a trampoline, building a mini scarecrow, or wanting to decorate their rubber boots – while the other 10% appear to be from the Philippines, where I’m concerned that my blog- Titles must have more acid connotations.

At least it’s not as bad as Twitter Where I find the less I say, the more people are willing to follow me. I can’t understand this, but a certain look in my husband’s eyes says that he has a better insight into this phenomenon.

But whether you like it or not, I returned after an unplanned absence from blogging and on time to record the end of one of our summer garden highlights – Sunflower Alley.

In May I decided to plant a tunnel with sunflowers from the seeds saved last year. To form stepping stones, we used some old concrete paving slabs that were classified as a safety risk in the preschool garden, but which I like to call “risk awareness training”. We also just popped in about a hundred seeds from one of our five sunflowers the year before.

Over time, the room was used for chases, hiding or even just sitting quietly (we attached a garden stool at each end). When it finally blossomed, it provided a backdrop for the vegetable garden and provided the house with some spectacular flowers for several weeks.

In addition, we even managed to grow an exceptionally tall specimen with a height of 3.38 meters. Tragically, this monumental achievement happened in the only year that the school had NO sunflower competition. If I edit the story again, we have of course made all of the newcomers achieve a record-breaking triumph …

I also admit that the tallest sunflower looked a little … well … funny. It was a slightly distorted flower head that spoke of a genetic inbreeding that was only that of Habsburg Empire in the 17thth century – which, I admit, was pretty bad. I mean, when you realize that your aunt is your grandmother, it’s a pretty sure sign that you have to get out to meet new people.

But back to the sunflowers.

If you want to try something similar, I would recommend at least a meter between both sides of the alley. In half of them we meandered less through flowers than through the undergrowth.

I also found that late summer storms and very heavy flower heads are not a good combination. As a result, last week our sunflower alley took one last bow from which it could never recover.

Nevertheless – this has now made room for pumpkins … which is nice.

Sunflower Alley 003

Sonnenblumengasse - in progress!

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