Monday , July 6 2020

Preschool Garden Club: How To Be A Market Trader

Preschool market stall

We channeled at Pete Beale Preschool Garden Club last week. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that this was not the case Peter Beales – world famous rose grower and gardener. No – it was rather Pete Beale – Eastenders greengrocer and market trader around 1985.

You see, after we did our usual picking and pulling of vegetables, fruits, and even herbs from the preschool garden, I discovered one Toy wood market stall sit in the corridor. Instead of sharing our harvest between the children as usual, we filled the trays and pots with tomatoes, perennial spinach, beetroot, rosemary, curry plant, raspberries and carrots.

Then I got a couple of baskets and the ubiquitous plastic toy, and the kids spent the rest of the session whipping the same products over and over (except for the raspberries, which soon turned out to be somewhat sensitive to withstand constant handling … and kicking).

I admit that the prices were a bit irregular – five pounds for a small carrot is a little expensive in everyone's books – but in general it was the perfect way to get the kids to identify and touch many different garden products. In addition, they even learned a few selected phrases from market traders – with an additional East End accent – which was very cheerful.

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