Monday , July 6 2020

New Year’s resolutions, Pete Beale and chickens


Number 1 New Year’s resolution – blog at least once a week

So, OK, that’s not going well, but fairly, no one really lives up to their resolutions. All I really did is make my failure early and beautiful, which basically takes me to the game.

Still, I decided to use this blog to list some other garden-based resolutions. I hope that the public statement will give me some additional pressure to finally reach some of them. Let’s go.

Decision 2 – build our donated greenhouse

It’s actually going quite well since I invited my father to come and stay for a weekend. This may be a pretty strange way of building a garden building until I point out that my father is a bit similar Tommy Walsh on speed and during previous “weekend stays” I built a built-in closet, laid out a terrace, set up countless shelves and felled at least 30 trees.

So I’m already confident that the greenhouse will rise – even if my only contribution is to spread some hospitality

3 Make a market stall

My idea, which may sound a little crazy, is to have a Barrow-style mini market stall where the kids in the village can sell gardening products (think Pete Bealeden) Eastenders character rather than that Rose growers.)

My main stumbling block for this is finding old stroller wheels, as my father said that if I can find them, he’ll build one for me (I’m afraid a pattern will appear here and it won’t help my reputation as a “hands-on” to improve).

4 Help out in the school garden club

I am now in my third year as head of the preschool club, but I also want to help my older children’s school. This is partly because I have never done anything for school and partly because I am excited to work with children when my main concern is not whether they stuck the seeds in their noses.

My only fear is that my tendency to try to do something might catch my eye after an unsuccessful left-wing coup attempt within the term.

5 Keep chickens

This can be difficult. The only place I had thought of for a chicken coop has now been assigned to the greenhouse. My husband also hates chickens (“malicious little shit” is one of his milder descriptions). In fact, I’m not quite sure I’m a big fan, but I remember collecting fresh eggs as a child, which I would love to see with the children (I also remember that my older brothers were the poor, unsuspecting birds let them dangle and dangle from their legs, which I would less like to reproduce).

So there are five resolutions – one that I’ve already failed, one that I’m not sure I want to reach, and two that I’ve already assigned to my father. Hmmm. 60% is still an acceptable success rate, isn’t it?

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