Monday , July 6 2020


How to plant an alpine wheelbarrow

ROCK wheelbarrow! I should say that more often (although maybe not at social events – people are surprisingly bored with my wheelbarrow-based small talk). But when it comes to gardening for kids, they're pretty much the perfect container. Over the years I have created various edible gardens in old wheelbarrows …

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Tomato variety selection – gardening in LA

So many tomato varieties to choose from, online, mail order catalogs and local resources! Even in large stores, there are some organic varieties and heirlooms! I asked several tomato experts who worked with me at two local Tomatomania events which of their favorites were that they would grow again this …

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Still cool and wet spring – YAY!

Boy, more rain and not just drizzle, but also a few centimeters here in my Pasadena garden, a total of 32 centimeters! And the plants love it, all green and cheeky and their hearts bloom! Hardly at night until the mid-50s and during the day not even until the 80s …

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Preschool Garden Club: How To Be A Market Trader

We channeled at Pete Beale Preschool Garden Club last week. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that this was not the case Peter Beales – world famous rose grower and gardener. No – it was rather Pete Beale – Eastenders greengrocer and market trader around 1985. You see, after we …

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Mikroleaves, Scooby Doo and belly bugs

It’s been a whole week. Not so much about “Oh, the people I met, the places I’ve been, the champagne I drank”, but more about “Oh, the child-based wastewater that I did cleaned up, the nights I worked, I didn’t have sleep ”. Yes, we were hit by “belly bugs” …

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August has become mild – Phew!

Amarcrinum loves the heat. The spots of the sugar cane begonia emphasize together with its bright pink bloom Purple stems and ridges contrast with light pink flowers Gomphrena globosa & # 39; fireworks & # 39; pink pompoms Zephyr pumpkin from Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany Oregon Load celebrity tomatoes …

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