Monday , July 6 2020


How to prevent and control Armillaria root rot in apricots

Armillaria mellea The mushroom Armillaria can attack all fruit trees, including apricots. Although fumigation is sometimes recommended, this usually does not work. This fungus is unusually resistant to fungicides. In addition, the organism often lurks in pieces of old infected trees or in roots in the ground where fungicides cannot …

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How to identify and prevent white rust on beets

Albugo Candida White rust caused by Albugo Candida, affects beet leaves and flowers and used to be considered a fungal disease. However, the organism has been reclassified and is no longer a fungus. It is a water mold – a relative of brown algae. Photo by Scot Nelso via PD …

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11 activities in the garden before winter

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that your garden is finished for the year. There is still some work to be done and the garden needs a little more attention and care before it can rest in the winter. If you take care of these tasks in the late …

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