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Wasabi Japonica grown under GE LED Grow Lights

The most difficult plant to grow in the world The opportunity Wasabi Japonica is widely recognized as the most difficult plant to grow in the world. The plants come from Japan and require very specific environmental conditions in order to successfully produce healthy plants. Wasabi is most commonly associated with …

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Make a romantic blooming centerpiece in 6 easy steps

On this Valentine’s Day, create a romantic atmosphere at home with a heart-shaped floral centerpiece that you can create in a few minutes. This beautiful, flat arrangement is called Pavé. It’s done with Carnations, Roses, mothers, baby breath and berries, the stems of which have been cut short to achieve …

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Brewing compost tea benefits your garden and lawn

Compost tea, compost extract. No matter what term you stick to, it’s just compost and water, a perfect lawn and garden fodder for those who want a liquid addition to their plants and soil, for those who only produce small amounts of compost, or for those who may not have …

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